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How much does a carton of beer cost?

I donít know what you would have to pay for a carton of beer at a store but I can tell you what it cost a 16 year old on November the 10th 2001.

It cost him his mobility which he has had to relearn.  It has taken over 4 years of intense therapy to regain movement in his arms.  He's still working on his legs.

It temporarily cost him his speech.

It cost him part of his memory.

It cost him his independence.

It cost him his junior and senior proms.

It cost him his goal of playing varsity basketball for Patrick County High School which he had looked forward to since the days he played basketball in elementary school.

It cost him his high school diploma and his dream of attending Duke University and becoming a high school basketball coach.

It cost him a half a million dollars just to get home from the hospitals.

It cost $3,000 for a special device to help him stand to strengthen his legs and back muscles.

It cost $3,000 for a lift to get him in and out of bed.

It cost $4,000 per month for his ongoing therapies, medical supplies and living expenses.

It cost $17,000 for a motorized wheelchair so that he can operate it and have a little bit of independence.

It cost $20,000 for a used van with a lift on it so that he can be taken places and not have to stay at home all the time.

It cost the 19 year old boy who hit him while driving drunk 5 years in jail.

Now I know these statements are true because Iím talking about my son, Josh Hill.

The price stamped on a carton of beer is very deceptive.  You donít have to drink to fit in and you donít have to give in to peer-pressure. 

Please donít drink and if you are tempted, please remember that a 6-pack holds more than a brief high Ė it holds your future and the future of innocent people.


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